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06 May About Edmodo

«You should take a look at this network, Edmodo. It’s Facebook, but dedicated exclusively to educational purposes»

Say what!?

Indeed, Edmodo has become quite an interesting tool in the last couple of years. It was created in 2008 with Facebook as a template on which it would be easier building a social network centered in students, teachers and educational content.

Edmodo has several advantages over other similar initiatives: its design is responsive (therefore, it works in computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), it allows students to upload their tasks, teachers can perform their assessments instantly, and there is constant feedback between all the pupils and teachers, all of them connected to the same group or room inside the network.

Another interesting characteristic involves parents having access to the network, and being able to interact with their children’s teacher directly and without barriers. The feedback between both pillars of the educational system can take place on a regular basis, and the teachers are able to show parents 24/7 the places where the students made mistakes and the areas which they need to improve.

It’s a very intuitive social network, it also includes the possibility of rewarding students for their work and, all in all, it has become a very powerful tool for teachers and students alike.


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