Avengers: Age of Cheat-Day

01 May Avengers: Age of Cheat-Day

Remember how ‘cheat-days’ are used scarcely when trying to stay fit or lose some pounds? Well, researching and writing down stuff towards the Master’s Final Project has a similar ring to it, therefore ‘cheat-days’ need to be enjoyed in order to keep a good pace and mood while completing the task.

This Thursday, it was time for some popcorn and movies. At 8pm I stopped typing and prepared myself for two and a half hours of silver screen awesomeness. It didn’t disappoint.

Alas, actually blockbuster movies *have* a very interesting way of being used as a tool when teaching children. And a movie with so much wide-range appeal as “Avengers: Age of Ultron” may become a perfect topic in warmers and informal discussions with the students for English teachers next Monday. Asking them if they saw the movie, what they liked and what they didn’t may become a fun and engaging activity.

Watching a film or TV show in English (several multiplexes offer this option, as well as smaller cinemas) is an excellent way of getting the students engaged with spoken language, accents, getting them used to the ‘speed’ oral English is usually spoken, etc. Unconsciously, they get better in areas such as comprehension, spelling and internal logic.

TV shows such as “Game of Thrones” have had a larger impact on teenagers’ English than dozens of one-on-one sessions with private teachers. Even some of the songs used in the show are perfect towards learning specific (and higher level) vocabulary. In fact, I’ve recommended parents whose kids weren’t interested in the language to use TV episodes as ‘bait’ towards English learning… and it has worked wonders, according to their feedback.

Therefore, after seeing the movie once… I guess I’ll have to go to another showing to enjoy all the nuances and details in English language, especially James Spader’s performance as the mad villain Ultron.

“Avengers, assemble!!!”


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