Station 5: Apocalypse Now

28 Abr Station 5: Apocalypse Now

The work in Station 5 involved discussing an apocalyptic scenario where Humanity was wiped out and only a select group of people would survive by recluding themselves in a deserted island in the Pacific. The original group of chosen ones was made up of twelve members, but harsh conditions and last-minute problems force the United Nations to choose only seven of them.

Obviously the topic was keen on provoking discussion between the team members, as all of them had different choices for the seven individuals that should be ‘saved’ from perishing. Different factors where considered, such as the age of all of them, their potential towards mating (which is absolutely necessary to secure the survival of the human race), their personal and professional skills, their religion…

This kind of simulations have become very useful tools when working on the ethical and moral issues that may affect our students. Important matters such as human rights, prejudices, racial differences and other may be dealt in a simple, comprehensive yet resounding manner within the classroom environment by performing prep talks, presentations, debates, etc.

Pictures, videos, music, screenshots… Media related to this content is almost infinite. We used all types of media in the glog in order to enhance the mood of the activity and show the harsh conditions, dangers, the loneliness in the island, psychological consequences of being the only human being alive in the Earth…

Glog designing and use can be easily included in actual teaching, pre-teaching and post-teaching, as it offer a range of flexibility and different media (video, sound, music, pictures) that may be used on working on all the basic skills: speaking (new vocabulary), comprehension (team-work, group projects), homework, self-assessment after class…

PS. What about specific websites that may become helpful when trying to make the students aware of global issues such as hunger, poverty, water shortage problems, lack of education, etc.? Check out some of them: — —

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