TFM aka. Time Failure Mode

27 Abr TFM aka. Time Failure Mode

Time constraints are awful.

See, my job schedule spans the whole week: journalism daily, radio broadcasting, TV appearances occasionally, a weekly rant to be published each Thursday… and football and basketball games being broadcasted live each Saturday and Sunday. Add the Master’s lengthy classes, five hours (3:30pm to 9pm) every Wednesday and Friday. And the different tasks and homework that each teacher assigns us weekly. Aaaaaand, for the sake of it, we should include a minimum of five hours of sleep each night (sleeping six, seven, eight hours is regarded as a luxury in my book).

Packed weekdays, no free weekends, little sleep, battling stress daily. Not the ideal scenario to put all my effort and attention in the writing of the TFM (the Master’s final project), as we said several days ago.

OK, complaining’s over. How could we solve this unfortunate problem?

The countdown clock is 33 days from the deadline. Though most of the TFM’s field work has already taken place, the ‘ugliest’ part of the project must be tackled this upcoming week: first-hand data analysis, gathering conclusions and starting a coherent, interesting and professional sorting out of the results in the different areas that the TFM must cover. In short, the ‘skeleton’ of the project, its general outline. The next meeting with my tutor will take place next Wednesday and time is scarce.

Therefore, the rant ends right now: I should be getting my ass in the chair and start typing. Should stress be turned into money, I would be the richest man on the Earth…

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